Monday, 9 October 2017

Printing Houses

       This week, we got the paints out! We used different objects to print straw, sticks and bricks.

We got quite messy!

Monday, 18 September 2017

Year 1 - Estate Agents to pigs!

Last week, Year 1 received a letter from the Three Little Pigs. They needed a new home! The pigs had heard that Northleach was a fun and friendly town, and wondered if we could do a bit of research on their behalf.

Year 1 were very excited and to set off and find out what Northleach has to offer!

We thought about where the pigs might go shopping, what jobs they could get and looked at whether there were any wolves!

Friday, 15 September 2017

Welcome to Year 1!

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to Year 1! I am so pleased with how well the children have settled and have grasped new routines.
It is going to be a busy and exciting year!

Our topic this half term is ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and it will link some of the work we will be covering.
In our Science lessons, the children will be looking at different materials and their properties. They will be deciding which types of material makes the best and sturdiest house for the little pigs.
In DT, the children will be using textiles to design, create and evaluate their own little pig finger puppet.
In Geography, we will be looking at the different features of Northleach and what it is like to live and work here. We will be thinking about what the Little Pigs will be able to do here if they decide to move to Northleach.
In our RE lessons, we are looking at who made the world. We will be thinking about the harvest festival and why we should be thankful.
The children are always encouraged to bring in relevant items of interest, books or information they have found to support the topic. Please ensure that any items brought in are named.

This term we are looking in detail at the story of The Three Little Pigs. We will be using this to improve our sentence writing, in addition to learning an oral retelling of the story. We will be thinking about sequencing our ideas and writing instructions to make a puppet and we will be exploring characters feelings using role play. Phonics and handwriting will be taking place each day.

Please continue to read daily with your child and comment on their reading in their communication books. Regular practice ensures that the children make good progress. The children will be given the opportunity to change their reading book every day. However, if they have not had an opportunity to read it or if you would like them to have it for more than one night, then please keep it.
In addition to their reading books, the children will be taking home a small, multi-coloured pack called ‘questions to ask when reading’. These questions support areas in the National Curriculum, and will encourage deeper thinking when reading. The questions are progressive, and require different skills to answer them. For example, some questions simply rely on remembering what has happened, whereas others are more challenging. Any use of these will be really beneficial.

The children will bring home a half-termly spelling list to be tested on at the beginning and end of each term. It would be really valuable to their learning if they could practise these at home.
In addition they will also bring home a weekly spelling pattern on a Friday to support the sounds we are learning in class. These words will be tested the following Friday.

The children will be working on many areas of maths during the term including, counting forward and backwards, ordering and recognising larger numbers. We will be practising our problem solving with some ‘Big Maths’ and will be looking at 2D shapes and problems to do with weight. Any counting practise at home would be amazing! If you’ve done something wonderful at home, please feel free to bring it in to show!

Maths Homework:
In addition to weekly spellings, children will be taking home weekly maths homework. This is to support the fluency and accuracy of recalling basic mathematical facts. The sheets will go out on a Monday and will be tested the following Monday. The sheets should be easy to follow, but if you have any questions catch me before or after school.

Communication books:
Communication books should be brought into school each day and will be checked and signed. Please use these books to record your child’s reading, maths games and to send any important messages to and from school.

Our focus in P.E this term will be gymnastics and children will learn how to control their body when travelling, balancing and copying sequences. The children will also have weekly sessions with Jon the Sports Coach, where they will learn skills to use in football and rugby. Although our P.E. days are Monday and Wednesdays, it would be useful if the children could have their PE kits in school every day. You may wish to provide your child with a pair of navy/black tracksuit bottoms to wear when the weather gets a little chillier and it would be useful for girls who wear tights to have a pair of socks in their kit too. Please can you ensure that all items of PE kit are labelled with names.

Show and Tell:
Show and tell will take place on Monday afternoons. As far as possible please can this be related to our Topic.

Water bottles:
Children need to have a water bottle every day in school.

I look forward to seeing you all at Parents’ Evening, but if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to see me before or after school.

Thank you for your support,

Miss Lilly Baker 

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Nests nests nests!

These past two weeks, we have been focusing on the creatures of the sky and the sea. This is day five of the Christian Creation story.

We decided we couldn't possibly look at birds and NOT make a birds nest.

We ventured into the garden to look for things to use and then we planned our nests (like all birds do)!

We worked in groups to make our nests. No glue. No cellotape. 
Just like birds!

They ended up looking lovely and cosy! Lucky Northleach birds!

Sunday, 7 May 2017

The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark

This week in Year 1 we have been looking at the dark, as this is the first day of the Creation story. We have been reading all about Plop and how he just does not GET the dark!

Have a look at some of the work we have been doing this week!

After reading the story, we carefully read and understood sentences to create images of Plop and his parents.

We also received a letter from a similarly scared field mouse, named Freddie. We decided to help him out by writing back to him with all the ways Plop found that made dark GREAT! We shrunk our letters down to mouse size and hid them in the garden. We must have been very convicing because we got a lovely (tiny) thank you letter!

Here are some of our mouse friendly hiding places!

Finally - a week about Plop wouldn't be complete without a bit of owl related art. 
Have a look at some of our nature inspired, all natural (mostly...) collages of Plop the baby barn owl.